Welcome to My Driving School in Zurich

My mission at My Driving School is to provide my customers with a driving school that they can trust, they will train responiblility to become safe drivers of tomorrow with passion and confidence.

I'm determined to provide the highest quality in class instruction as well as in car driver training and excellent customer service to all of my customers.

My pursuit of excellence, I will continuously endeavor to rise my high level of professionalism and service with my selfless, dedicated, selfmotivated organizational culture and endless patience.

At My Driving School I will refine your driving skills professionally and supercharge your ability to become a confident and secure driver.
My goal is to make roads as safe as possible.

I will always ensure that the studentis aren't stressed in any manner to make learning to drive a pleasant experience.

Students will leave My Driving School with the ability to drive in any circumstances and with total confidence.

My Driving School is always looking for new students to join my elite beginner driver program.

The safety on the road for my studendts is of outmost importance to me.



Drivilng Lessons:Manual and automatic: Driving School cars


Single Lesson                    CHF     90.-

Subscription   5 Lessons   CHF   430.-

Subscribtion  10 Lessons  CHF   820.-

Subscription  15 Lessons  CHF 1170.-

Taxi/BPT                            CHF   100.-